My best friend got married in Thailand, Samui. It was a beautiful ceremony on the white beach in the blue lagoon. The perfect white dress, flowers in the hair, bare feet, warm sand, tall palm trees and lush tropical forests that cover the mountains! Let me just show you the pictures of the journey kindly photographed by Professional Photography in Thailand , the European photographers who live and shoot in Thailand, Samui. I have never been on such a beautiful exotic island with our best friends on the small and warm party after a wedding ceremony!
This coconut island is perfect for a romantic wedding on the beach, the warm night under the million stars and the adventurous honeymoon to remember forever! I’m in love with this place and these pictures!

Photography in Thailand Samui

wedding photography in Thailand

wedding photographer Samui

beach wedding photographer

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Supermodels’ Hair Secret

25 Jan 2010 In: Hair, News

best hair treatment for shiny hair For a change this post will not be about a beauty product! It is the secret I am ready to share only with my readers, the secret that will solve the problem of damaged hair and make it shine like crazy! This little procedure will leave your hair silky and healthy and will make people say “Wow”!
First of all we need to find all the ingredients for this hair mask that I swear will work magic! Read the rest of this entry »

hottest trends in accessories for fall winter 2009-2010 It is no secret that even relatively cheap black jacket can look very stylish if you know what accessories to wear with it. Thick scarf, jeans, and sport shoes together with your jacket is the look number 1! Big necklace with many chains, black tight pants and hight heels, rolled up sleeves and gloves -the look number 2! The black jacket over big t-shirt together with short jean skirt or baggy boyfriend jeans plus a crazy hat or cap—here you go, your look number 3! I just love accessories, so here is my report of top accessories of this season, the best trends and styles!
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drapery fashion trend fall 2009 Wrinkles are so in style for the season of Fall and Winter 2009! But this doesn’t include your face, just your dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts and pants! This also doesn’t mean you should forget what ironing is, I am talking about drapery that looks so elegant on Donna Karan, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Haider Ackermann and Junya Watanabe models this season!

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Top trends in makeup Fall/Winter Summer has come and passed, the fall is here with new trends in make up!

Let’s start with eyes!

1. Purple is a top color for fall in makeup. It is seen in many collections and it looks really good on all skin types and tones. I am definitely going for it. Purple will most likely be called the top trend in makeup for Fall 2008/Winter 2009 season. Read the rest of this entry »

jean trend for fall 2008 and winter 2009 Let’s face it, no matter how we love skirts, we still wear pants and jeans almost everyday. They are simply more practical and comfortable, especially for fall/winter season. As a jeans-obsessed model, I have a full jean trends and fashion ideas report for Fall 2008/Winter 2009. This fall will be fcuking HOT! I promise! Get excited!!!

1. Probably the trendiest denim style for fall, wide leg jeans are a fresh change from last year’s skinny jean obsession. Wide leg jeans and pants will rule for Fall and Winter 2008-2009. Read the rest of this entry »

Make up great for… TRASH!

29 Aug 2008 In: Body, Eyes, Lips, News, Skin, Teeth

Worst beauty products When your job is modeling you get used to switch places, countries and cities. Every now and then you know its about time to pack your countless suitcases and take off wherever your agency sends you. Asia, Europe, US—you don’t stay too long in one place. You haven’t heard from me for a while because I was in the process of moving my ass over the pond : )

I love moving to a new place, what I don’t like is packing. My bags and suitcases weight 4 times more than me… Although, there is a good thing about moving away—it makes you throw away everything you don’t really need or use. No matter how much I love beauty products I have to admit some of my buys are good only for a trash bin. While I was packing my bags I had to go through all my drawers and stashes and see what makeup and beauty products I am not taking with me. I was surprised how many products were not good for anything and how many bottles and tubes went straight to the trash!

Here is my list of beauty products and make up I personally threw away, even though they were almost full and quite costly. So call this list: “Worst beauty products ever”, “Awful make up”, or “Make up products that suck” if you want to : ) Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Body!

1 May 2008 In: Body, News

Summer Face and Body GarnierWhen I was younger I thought my skin looks great when I get a bronze tan after hanging out in the sunlight all day long. Now I know how harmful it is for the skin, especially the sensitive skin on the face. I don’t have enough fingers on my body to count all the tries I took to find a suitable alternative. I am quite scared of self-tanners, as turning up on the shoot looking stripped and orange has become my biggest nightmare. As you probably have guessed already I went for gradual tanning moisturizing lotions. And I probably have to go and buy myself an expert’s degree to sound more official here:) But seriously, I literally tried every single gradual self-tanner on the market.

Truth about Garnier Summer Body! “Summer body” sounds fantastic, right? That’s what I thought. Read the rest of this entry »

Hot and Joyful Summer Fragrance

29 Apr 2008 In: Body, Fragrance

Mexx High Fly Eau de ToiletteI have just found the perfect scent for the summer. Now I know for sure that my summer will smell like a flight. Mexx Fly High came out last summer, but I didn’t come across it till now. This is the fragrance for the people with certain philosophy, for those who live for emotions, feelings, discoveries, speed, happiness… For those, whose crazy summer adventures catch everybody’s attention and make people want to do something like that at least once in their lives. Read the rest of this entry »

Passion for Sunglasses

21 Apr 2008 In: Eyes, News, Trends!

The hottest sunglasses spring summerYep, maybe this is a little off topic. But I wanted to share with you something I was fantasizing about. Every time of the year when I get waken up by the sun before my alarm clock goes on I realize how beautiful life is and how bad I want a pair of new sunglasses.
So, here is something I thought you would enjoy. These are Givenchy hottest sunglasses–a symbol of French elegance and intriguing beauty. Read the rest of this entry »

pubic hair designWhy not? It could be a part of your lifestyle or just a playful mood at the moment, or maybe a wish to surprise your boyfriend. Whatever it is, I strongly believe that pubic hair design could be just another way to express yourself. Just watch out, so that your wild imagination didn’t scary off somebody who is less wild and creative (if you are planning to share it with anybody, anyway;)) Read the rest of this entry »

…Waxing! /Bikini line hair removal/

8 Apr 2008 In: Body, Hair, News

waxing bikini lineHere we go, girls! After I have tried depilatory creams, epilators and while I was still getting cuts from a razor I felt I needed to accumulate all my confidence and courage for trying out waxing. I really wanted to secure my place in hairfree heaven! All the comments I got on this idea were pretty much the same: “get prepared for THE PAIN!” Very encouraging, huh?!

We were about to go to this great photo shoot that took place in an exotic resort in the Indian Ocean. The trip would last for almost a week and we were scheduled for a swimsuit shoots in different locations everyday. I knew that if I will be shaving every single day my bikini area would look like a disaster because of the irritation and bumps that I don’t really want to get photographed. So, it looked like I didn’t really have a choice. Read the rest of this entry »

Electric Epilators bikini hairWhat exactly is the difference between depilation and epilation? Epilating leaves us without any hair on the skin’s surface for much longer, as when we epilate we remove our hair with follicles. I was so tired of shaving every single day that I finally decided I needed to look further. This time I figured I won’t put poor Linda at risk (you can read about our depilation cream experience) and try out something that would keep me hairless for longer by myself. As my holiday departure day was approaching, I had to make up my mind. When I was leaving the store with my new Braun Silk Epil epilator in a bag I thought my problem was solved. Read the rest of this entry »

Depilation Cream Pubic hair removalAfter I found out that a razor leaves my skin in the condition I don’t want anybody to see. I was out looking for other options. Let me tell you I wasn’t alone in this search. My best friend Linda and me just turned 15 and we felt like we needed to be the sexiest girls out there. We were trying really hard. As Linda was cutting herself every time she took a razor in her hands, she joined me on this trip at the store. We decided to do a little at home hair care, but down there. So, we spent a fortune on different depilating products to run a test. Read the rest of this entry »

…Shaving /Bikini line hair removal/

4 Apr 2008 In: Body, Hair, News

shaving pubic hair with the razorI do believe every girl starts her bikini hair war with a razor. So, there is no point in detailed review of this old, but trusted method. Maybe you are the lucky one, but I could not fight the irritation and redness I got after a razor. When I was in the 8th grade one of my friends told me to use hair conditioner when I was shaving down there, she swore it helped with bumps and ingrown hairs, but I thought it was way too strange. Anyways, maybe she was right… Are there any volunteers? Read the rest of this entry »

removing pubic hairSorry, maybe this is not a romantic subject to discuss… though it really depends on the way you look at it… As some celebrities say, it can change your life.
…Umm, if you didn’t change your hair life down there yet, you are about to decide which way of unwanted pubic hair removal is right for you. And then you can have all the romance of the world… in your bedroom:) Read the rest of this entry »

The Fragrance of the Night

1 Apr 2008 In: News

The fragrance of the nightI almost forgot how exciting is to be single..!
Sorry, guys, I didn’t write for some time. I got into discovering the new opportunities, traveling, meeting people, flirting, partying, racing (I do drag racing:) ), and wearing down my heels at the castings and shootings. But now I am back with you and have some great stuff to discuss. So watch out for new posts in the next couple of days.

Yes, and by the way… Do you believe in coincidences? While I was so busy throwing out that special person from my heart after a break up, I met him accidentally. I don’t know if he is following me, but it was late at the night, when traffic jams have stopped pulsing with red stopping lights for quite some time and the weather was freezing. I don’t really understand what was the mysterious feeling that took me out to walk around in the dark and cold of the sleeping city, but Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful Fake Eyelashes

23 Mar 2008 In: Eyes, News

Beautiful Fake EyelashesYesterday I got my DVD disks from my agency with the movie episodes where I was acting. As I was watching the films making ice-cream in my bowl disappear, I thought that I should have take the telephone number of that make-up artist guy, who did my makeup for these episodes… Not only because he had the cutest ass and bluest eyes I have ever seen, but also because he made wonders with my eyelashes. I had MAGical eyes with beautiful false eyelashes! Read the rest of this entry »

Worst self-tanning lotion. Neutrogena Fake Tan disasterOne of my best model friends calls me saying she has to see me IMMEDIATELY. Why?! Did anybody die?
Anyway, we have agreed on meeting at StarBucks in an hour. She wouldn’t tell me what was her problem, but she sounded like she was bitten by the crazy little monkey.

When I came inside she looked furious. I glanced at my watch, to make sure I wasn’t late. I was OK. Still it felt good to know I wasn’t the reason of her very emotional state:). Read the rest of this entry »

how to get a supermodels hairHave you ever wished your hair looked like supermodels hair from Victoria Secret show? I think I can tell you what they are using backstage:) Smooth, silky, shiny hair, no frizz, no damage after heat styling… This is Prêt-a-Porter for your hair! Not many products on the market that claim to do the same thing actually keep their promises, this one does. Read the rest of this entry »

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