Beautiful Fake EyelashesYesterday I got my DVD disks from my agency with the movie episodes where I was acting. As I was watching the films making ice-cream in my bowl disappear, I thought that I should have take the telephone number of that make-up artist guy, who did my makeup for these episodes… Not only because he had the cutest ass and bluest eyes I have ever seen, but also because he made wonders with my eyelashes. I had MAGical eyes with beautiful false eyelashes!

Most of my model friends consider Shu Uemura false eyelashes the best for both photo/video and real life. So next time you go party you know how to make an accent on your pretty eyes. (…typing this last sentence made me feel all the pain of this weekend’s crazy partying… He-he I just need some sympathy here, guys:))

Getting back to the topic, it’s amazing how many different looks you can achieve using fake eyelashes. You can look naturally elegant or screaming your individuality with creative eye makeup. An expert in the art of false eyelashes, shu uemura carries a wide collection of natural to dramatic eyelashes.
“Behind its forms and colors, there are thoughts of the creator.”
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Shu Uemura false eyelashes
What girls think:

“I always go for either Shu Uemura or MAC lashes. For me, Shu Uemura’s lashes are great for dramatic, party or ‘crazy’ looks. I can’t wait to see the “Victor and Rolf” new collection of faux eyelashes for Shu.”

“I was surprised how easy they are to use. Some designs are just crazy! I prefer the natural looking Shu lashes because I can wear them anywhere. And I am still working on my confidence to try out some of their dramatic ones.”

“I’ve had very good experience with false eyelashes. I use them for that bit of extra punch if I’m going out somewhere or heading out to a photoshoot. Personally I think they’re worth it because if you’re nice to them, they’re reusable.”

“Fake eyelashes add so much more depth to a fun look. I also like the regular, natural looking ones. They also last a long time, mine last me about 3 weeks depending on how often I wear them (usually every day) I don’t wear them that often any more because I get annoyed by eye make-up but they’re pretty and they look real.”

“I use them just on the outer corner of my eye for a more natural look or use both for a more dramatic look. They last a pretty long time too. I use halves on the outer edges and then I apply one coat of mascara to blend them with my actual eyelashes. They are great.”

“Shu Uemura has best false eyelashes! I have tried many different brands from really cheap ones from Target to expensive brands. And I am sure Shu Uemura is worth every cent.”

very long fake eyelashesAnd here comes my regular warning! Don’t overdo!:)