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Make up great for… TRASH!

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When your job is modeling you get used to switch places, countries and cities. Every now and then you know its about time to pack your countless suitcases and take off wherever your agency sends you. Asia, Europe, US—you don’t stay too long in one place. You haven’t heard from me for a while […]

Summer Body!

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When I was younger I thought my skin looks great when I get a bronze tan after hanging out in the sunlight all day long. Now I know how harmful it is for the skin, especially the sensitive skin on the face. I don’t have enough fingers on my body to count all the tries […]

Hot and Joyful Summer Fragrance

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I have just found the perfect scent for the summer. Now I know for sure that my summer will smell like a flight. Mexx Fly High came out last summer, but I didn’t come across it till now. This is the fragrance for the people with certain philosophy, for those who live for emotions, feelings, […]

Why not? It could be a part of your lifestyle or just a playful mood at the moment, or maybe a wish to surprise your boyfriend. Whatever it is, I strongly believe that pubic hair design could be just another way to express yourself. Just watch out, so that your wild imagination didn’t scary off […]

…Waxing! /Bikini line hair removal/

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Here we go, girls! After I have tried depilatory creams, epilators and while I was still getting cuts from a razor I felt I needed to accumulate all my confidence and courage for trying out waxing. I really wanted to secure my place in hairfree heaven! All the comments I got on this idea were […]

What exactly is the difference between depilation and epilation? Epilating leaves us without any hair on the skin’s surface for much longer, as when we epilate we remove our hair with follicles. I was so tired of shaving every single day that I finally decided I needed to look further. This time I figured I […]

After I found out that a razor leaves my skin in the condition I don’t want anybody to see. I was out looking for other options. Let me tell you I wasn’t alone in this search. My best friend Linda and me just turned 15 and we felt like we needed to be the sexiest […]

…Shaving /Bikini line hair removal/

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I do believe every girl starts her bikini hair war with a razor. So, there is no point in detailed review of this old, but trusted method. Maybe you are the lucky one, but I could not fight the irritation and redness I got after a razor. When I was in the 8th grade one […]

Sorry, maybe this is not a romantic subject to discuss… though it really depends on the way you look at it… As some celebrities say, it can change your life.
…Umm, if you didn’t change your hair life down there yet, you are about to decide which way of unwanted pubic hair removal is right for […]

One of my best model friends calls me saying she has to see me IMMEDIATELY. Why?! Did anybody die?
Anyway, we have agreed on meeting at StarBucks in an hour. She wouldn’t tell me what was her problem, but she sounded like she was bitten by the crazy little monkey.
When I came inside she […]

Is it just me, or every girl on this planet starts thinking about new swimming suits in the end of February? Anyway, my mind is programmed — when I think “new bikinis”, I run to the mirror and stare at my butt for a couple of minutes. I am standing there with highest possible […]

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