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Make up great for… TRASH!

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When your job is modeling you get used to switch places, countries and cities. Every now and then you know its about time to pack your countless suitcases and take off wherever your agency sends you. Asia, Europe, US—you don’t stay too long in one place. You haven’t heard from me for a while […]

Passion for Sunglasses

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Yep, maybe this is a little off topic. But I wanted to share with you something I was fantasizing about. Every time of the year when I get waken up by the sun before my alarm clock goes on I realize how beautiful life is and how bad I want a pair of new sunglasses.
So, […]

Beautiful Fake Eyelashes

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Yesterday I got my DVD disks from my agency with the movie episodes where I was acting. As I was watching the films making ice-cream in my bowl disappear, I thought that I should have take the telephone number of that make-up artist guy, who did my makeup for these episodes… Not only because he […]

New Mac Fafi Collection Chick-A-Boom

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MAC Fafi Collection is the graphic expression of French graffiti artist Fafi. The new Chick-A-Boom Collection includes lipstick, lipglass, eye shadow, eye pencil, mascara, powder blush, iridescent powder/pressed, and nail lacquer.
The MAC Fafi Collection is now on counter in MAC stores and at MAC counters. It’s not too crazy and is really wearable. […]

Dior Spring 2008 Flower Blossom palette

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Sometimes I get really annoyed with all the brands’ limited editions, because I tend to buy makeup that I don’t really need. But! Looking at this little peace of art I just can’t resist it. The only word that comes to my mind is “lovely”! The Dior Spring 2008 palette is not only the […]

I want to continue my beauty study with another eye makeup product:) The one that I always take with me anywhere I go, the one that can erase the signs of staying up all night, the one that works miracles with my eyes and face and the one I didn’t know about (miserable me) before […]

Just like I promised, I bring to your attention the mascara that became my personal number 1 choice. I was using the regular DiorShow for a very long time, until once at the shooting of a movie episode the makeup artist used the mascara that made me go “wow!!!” when I glanced in the mirror. […]

The new DiorShow Blackout

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DiorShow mascara has always been an object of admiration for my model-friends. I used it myself for ages. When the new Blackout came out I was eager to try it… to find out it is very different from what regular DiorShow is. DiorShow Blackout is not just a darker colored, it has different brush […]

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