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Make up great for… TRASH!

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When your job is modeling you get used to switch places, countries and cities. Every now and then you know its about time to pack your countless suitcases and take off wherever your agency sends you. Asia, Europe, US—you don’t stay too long in one place. You haven’t heard from me for a while […]

What do you girls do after a painful breakup?
No, the bastard is NOT worth my tears! We’ve been taught that if someone you love hurts you, you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it. But I would like to get to that “get over” stage at once. After working my ass out […]

I happen to know one young model. If there were a competition for ladies with permanent lack of luck, this girl would be going there for the first prize. Although some “lack of intelligence competition” would suit her even better. Do you imagine a person, who really believes in cutting the ends of her eyelashes, […]

New Mac Fafi Collection Chick-A-Boom

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MAC Fafi Collection is the graphic expression of French graffiti artist Fafi. The new Chick-A-Boom Collection includes lipstick, lipglass, eye shadow, eye pencil, mascara, powder blush, iridescent powder/pressed, and nail lacquer.
The MAC Fafi Collection is now on counter in MAC stores and at MAC counters. It’s not too crazy and is really wearable. […]

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