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Clinique Skin Disaster

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Before the show I see my friend Kira walking in to the backstage, where we get our makeup and hair done. I look at her face and I can’t believe my eyes. Ok, now I can go back, and change the title to: “Kira’s skin disaster”. You see, normally, I am a very polite person, […]

Spring is almost here and it is just about the right time to have a glance at what our hair will look like in 2008. Most of my model friends have already had their hair experimented with for the different shows this season (nope, I am keeping my long waves). I will not continue on […]

Blushing this season is something you just have to do. It’s cute and sweet, it makes your look really healthy and it’s the hottest trend for this season. What is the girl to do when she can’t decide which of two colors she should get? That’s right, ladies! Get both of them! The golden rule […]

Dior Spring 2008 Flower Blossom palette

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Sometimes I get really annoyed with all the brands’ limited editions, because I tend to buy makeup that I don’t really need. But! Looking at this little peace of art I just can’t resist it. The only word that comes to my mind is “lovely”! The Dior Spring 2008 palette is not only the […]

Mac Studio Fix Foundation

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Studio Fix is a foundation that has been dried and compacted into a circular plastic black case (compact includes a mirror and sponge). Unlike pressed powder, it does not simply absorb oil but gives much more coverage and hides pores.
I have discovered this product in my usual way - the makeup artist used it on […]

Spring 2008 Hottest Makeup Trends

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Okay, maybe I am not the first to sneak out of the fashion shows and tell you everything about the new looks and trends in makeup for this spring. But:) I got to see what trends look great on me and on my girls. Here are the popular looks that are not too much for […]

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