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It is no secret that even relatively cheap black jacket can look very stylish if you know what accessories to wear with it. Thick scarf, jeans, and sport shoes together with your jacket is the look number 1! Big necklace with many chains, black tight pants and hight heels, rolled up sleeves and gloves […]

Wrinkles are so in style for the season of Fall and Winter 2009! But this doesn’t include your face, just your dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts and pants! This also doesn’t mean you should forget what ironing is, I am talking about drapery that looks so elegant on Donna Karan, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Haider Ackermann […]

Summer has come and passed, the fall is here with new trends in make up!
Let’s start with eyes!
1. Purple is a top color for fall in makeup. It is seen in many collections and it looks really good on all skin types and tones. I am definitely going for it. Purple will […]

Let’s face it, no matter how we love skirts, we still wear pants and jeans almost everyday. They are simply more practical and comfortable, especially for fall/winter season. As a jeans-obsessed model, I have a full jean trends and fashion ideas report for Fall 2008/Winter 2009. This fall will be fcuking HOT! I promise! […]

Passion for Sunglasses

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Yep, maybe this is a little off topic. But I wanted to share with you something I was fantasizing about. Every time of the year when I get waken up by the sun before my alarm clock goes on I realize how beautiful life is and how bad I want a pair of new sunglasses.
So, […]

Why not? It could be a part of your lifestyle or just a playful mood at the moment, or maybe a wish to surprise your boyfriend. Whatever it is, I strongly believe that pubic hair design could be just another way to express yourself. Just watch out, so that your wild imagination didn’t scary off […]

Spring is almost here and it is just about the right time to have a glance at what our hair will look like in 2008. Most of my model friends have already had their hair experimented with for the different shows this season (nope, I am keeping my long waves). I will not continue on […]

Spring 2008 Hottest Makeup Trends

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Okay, maybe I am not the first to sneak out of the fashion shows and tell you everything about the new looks and trends in makeup for this spring. But:) I got to see what trends look great on me and on my girls. Here are the popular looks that are not too much for […]

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