Dior Spring 2008 Flower Blossom paletteSometimes I get really annoyed with all the brands’ limited editions, because I tend to buy makeup that I don’t really need. But! Looking at this little peace of art I just can’t resist it. The only word that comes to my mind is “lovely”! The Dior Spring 2008 palette is not only the eye shadow, it is also a good highlighter and a blush. Or, you can just walk around showing it off:)

The delicate Flower, Butterfly, Gemstone, and Ladybird- shaped pressed powder designs, embossed on a pastel background, are inspired by Victoire de Castellane’s famous Dior jewelry collection.

Shimmery light pink color in the middle of the palette is best for a cute blush. The blue, green and yellow are in fact iridescent shades. They don’t look like much but when applied on the skin they take on an iridescent shimmer when the light hits it. The base pink/peach color is a great shimmery highlighter. I think the colors will suite only the fair skin and I can’t imagine it working on someone with a tan, as I’d expect it might only show up as shimmer.

What the ad says:

This exclusive, limited edition Dior Flower Blossom pressed powder compact, with its delicate play of pink, lilac, rosy beige, peach and apricot shades, was created especially to illuminate and accent every Dior Spring fashion look. Sweep your brush across one or more of these luscious hues to add an ethereal finishing touch of Springtime radiance to your complexion.

What the girls say:

“You know this kind of people, who get their new makeup items where there is a pattern imprinted on the powder, and they use the corners of them in fear of ruining the pretty pattern… Haha—that would be me! I am hopeless with this one!”

“I can’t see spending $52 on it! Not to mention, I wouldn’t want to use it and ruin the pretty design, and it would just sit in my stash like everything else LOL! But still, isn’t it just gorgeous?!”

“It is so cute! The only thing is I don’t really like glittery stuff… but there ia only one layer of glitter and once you get that off, you get a sleek non-glittery sort of shimmer which is great!”

“This is absolutely beautiful, but has poor lasting power. It took it 2 hours to get faded. Looking at the Dior Flower Blossom palette is much better than using it.”

“You will not mess it up by using. No worries. Each color goes all the way to the bottom!”