Electric Epilators bikini hairWhat exactly is the difference between depilation and epilation? Epilating leaves us without any hair on the skin’s surface for much longer, as when we epilate we remove our hair with follicles. I was so tired of shaving every single day that I finally decided I needed to look further. This time I figured I won’t put poor Linda at risk (you can read about our depilation cream experience) and try out something that would keep me hairless for longer by myself. As my holiday departure day was approaching, I had to make up my mind. When I was leaving the store with my new Braun Silk Epil epilator in a bag I thought my problem was solved.

Needless to say, little stupid me had to wear pants for the first two days of my vacation.unwanted bikini hair removal It wouldn’t be that bad if I just did my legs and stop. No! I wanted that smooth bikini line.When I figured I can handle the pain on my legs if enough glasses of wine get consumed, I thought I am ready to get rid of my bikini line hair.

The pain was enough to make my heart ready to jump out of my chest, my eyes watering, my hair getting up, my feet going cold, and red and black spots pulsing in my eyes. When I glanced down there I thought I have spilled some wine, only then I realized it was blood! I am a brave girl, but I was screaming for Novocain. And the sound of metal rotating tweezers didn’t make it better for me either. Never again! Never again!

Using an epilator on the hair that has been shaved is very painful (especially bikini and underarms). When frequently shaved the hair becomes thicker. Using an epilator on that hair is a torture. It will be less painful if you start using the epilator after your hair has been waxed at least once. Epilating makes your hair thinner and easier to remove, thus causes less pain in the future.

Although, after three uses the pain wasn’t diminishing for me, so I buried my epilator at the bottom drawer (…only now I think as an electric device it probably wanted a cremation better…hm).

Lessons learnt:
Braun Silk Epil epilator for bikini
1. You need the hair to be of a certain length before you can epilate.
2. Make sure that you pull the skin tight. This prevents snagging and makes the hair removal treatment less painful.
3. Epilators are better to use after having a warm shower or bath as it opens the pores and the process is not so painful.
4. Epilators can cause bruises if you don’t hold them at the right angle.
5. You should not go tanning for a day or two after epilating.

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