The fragrance of the nightI almost forgot how exciting is to be single..!
Sorry, guys, I didn’t write for some time. I got into discovering the new opportunities, traveling, meeting people, flirting, partying, racing (I do drag racing:) ), and wearing down my heels at the castings and shootings. But now I am back with you and have some great stuff to discuss. So watch out for new posts in the next couple of days.

Yes, and by the way… Do you believe in coincidences? While I was so busy throwing out that special person from my heart after a break up, I met him accidentally. I don’t know if he is following me, but it was late at the night, when traffic jams have stopped pulsing with red stopping lights for quite some time and the weather was freezing. I don’t really understand what was the mysterious feeling that took me out to walk around in the dark and cold of the sleeping city, but what can possibly make a guy go running along the river at half past 12 a.m.!? Anyway, it was a weird meeting you could experience in a dream, so illogical, vague, short and unexpected it was. I can’t remember any details. Only the smell in the crystal clear air. Cold, fresh and lonely spring night air near the river mixed with memories, nostalgia, fog and with his Tommy Hilfiger True Star.

It didn’t smell like any regrets though, maybe because as I got my piece of freedom I also found how I deserve to be treated by other men.

That was the fragrance of the night I am almost sure most of you have smelled in your lives at least once.

Did you notice that by the morning you wake up cured!?