Mexx High Fly Eau de ToiletteI have just found the perfect scent for the summer. Now I know for sure that my summer will smell like a flight. Mexx Fly High came out last summer, but I didn’t come across it till now. This is the fragrance for the people with certain philosophy, for those who live for emotions, feelings, discoveries, speed, happiness… For those, whose crazy summer adventures catch everybody’s attention and make people want to do something like that at least once in their lives. Have you ever felt so happy that you virtually experienced lift-off, making your heart race? MEXX people know how to enjoy life, and they’re eager to share their joy with others. They savour every moment to the full and celebrate every accomplishment.

hot summer fragrance Mexx Fly HighMEXX Fly High for woman takes off with a burst of sparkling fruit. Red currant and juicy watermelon come along, propelled by the citrus tang of yuzu. In the heart of this extremely joyful fragrance May rose and lilac waft summer-light through the air. Intensity and feminine sensuality unfold in the base. Spicy cedar floats in harmony with warm sandalwood, enhanced by white musk. Slowly the fragrance begins to float - floral, fruity and wonderfully refreshing.

Mexx Fly High is a boost of energy in the elegant, slightly curved bottle. It makes you want to reach out and touch the sky. This fragrance is NOT for down to earth people at all.