Worst beauty products When your job is modeling you get used to switch places, countries and cities. Every now and then you know its about time to pack your countless suitcases and take off wherever your agency sends you. Asia, Europe, US—you don’t stay too long in one place. You haven’t heard from me for a while because I was in the process of moving my ass over the pond : )

I love moving to a new place, what I don’t like is packing. My bags and suitcases weight 4 times more than me… Although, there is a good thing about moving away—it makes you throw away everything you don’t really need or use. No matter how much I love beauty products I have to admit some of my buys are good only for a trash bin. While I was packing my bags I had to go through all my drawers and stashes and see what makeup and beauty products I am not taking with me. I was surprised how many products were not good for anything and how many bottles and tubes went straight to the trash!

Here is my list of beauty products and make up I personally threw away, even though they were almost full and quite costly. So call this list: “Worst beauty products ever”, “Awful make up”, or “Make up products that suck” if you want to : )
Make up and beauty products that suck
1. Collistar crème-gel autobronzante visage.

I bought it in May. When I finally got to try it in the middle of June a strange water came out, it was like oil, yellow, and I didn’t feel like mixing the thing together and applying it to my skin… The expiration date was only in a year…

2. Orlane masque anti-fatigue absolute skin recovery masque.

I was convinced to buy it at the local dept store. The lady told me that anybody who gets a professional makeup done all the time, needs to have this product. Moreover, one celebrity actress comes to them getting one all the time… Yeah, right! After you wash away this thing you feel like you just put a fat layer of oil on your skin! My normal skin became oily for 2 or 3 days after I used this anti-skin…. oh, sorry, anti-fatigue masque!

3. Peggy Sage eyeshadows with glitters.

The glitters of these eye shadows can be found anywhere, but your eyes. So do you want glitters on your cheeks? It would fall at your nose and cheeks and seem to stick there, impossible to take off.

4. Johnson’s holiday skin for face.

You can put contains of the whole tube at your face; you still won’t get a result!

5. Nars Body Glow.

This one is my personal offense!!! My nose starts to tickle and tiers come out when I think of the gorgeous white dress…. that is gone now. Orange stuff rubbed off my expensive dress the first night I wore it!

6. Crest White Strips.

Ha-ha-ha! Trust Photoshop, don’t trust Crest!

7. Revlon’s colorstay mascara.

Just made my eyes swell shut! What a waste!


This was a present from a SPA. I worked for them in a commercial shoot. I tried to like it, but I couldn’t : )

9. Lancome Maqui Foundation.

I called this pore-enhancing makeup. It will make even small pores look large. It also oxidizes and begins to look orange after a few hours.

10. Creme De Mer.

This has to be the biggest ripoff on the market. It is full of mineral oil (which sits on top of the skin rather than absorbing into the skin, also causes acne) with all the technology and advancement in skincare why would anyone want to use a formulation that is 35+ years old? I got terrible bumps from it and what an insulting waste of money.$100 for mineral oil.

11. Fusion Beauty LashFusion Micro-Technology Pure Protein Lash Plump.

This is a product that needs to have one thing set straight right away, and that is, for all its litany of lash-enhancing claims, the formula is nothing more than ordinary mascara. Case closed.

12. Epil Stop Spray.

Another “Yeah, right!” product. Didn’t remove one hair!

13. Clinique Lipstick.

I got it because of the color, but it dries my lips and leaves them very uneven.

What can I say, some beauty products should have never appeared on the market!