Top trends in makeup Fall/Winter Summer has come and passed, the fall is here with new trends in make up!

Let’s start with eyes!

1. Purple is a top color for fall in makeup. It is seen in many collections and it looks really good on all skin types and tones. I am definitely going for it. Purple will most likely be called the top trend in makeup for Fall 2008/Winter 2009 season.
Trends in makeup for Fall and winter

2. Smoky eyes look is here again stronger than ever before. It’s darker than last seasons. So black eyeliner is a must have for fall and winter 2008/2009. You can mix different colors in to match your outfit. I’m glad smoky eyes are so popular this fall, they have always looked good on every single girl I know!
Makeup for fall/winter 2008 2009

3. Gold, bronze and yellow eye shadows will be in for this fall. They come in style every fall, probably trying to match the yellow leaves and leave before winter begins.
popular makeup ideas for fall and winter

Trends in lips makeup!

4. Red lipstick is back along with rich berry lips. Some designers went for black lips, although I would stay away from this idea. Red and bright pink juicy lips are very popular in Fall 2008/Winter 2009 season.
Popular makeup trends for fall/winter

5. Neutral lips and neutral makeup! This is not a new make up idea, but it is clear that this fall you have to wear your lips like this. You can use your foundation on top of lip gloss to reach this effect. Looks very girly and sweet!
make up for fall 2008 and winter 2009

Eyebrows! Don’t miss out!
6. Your makeup can’t be completed without this detail. Some girls don’t pay attention to the shape and condition of their eyebrows, but this is a major mistake! This season we will wear heavier eyebrows. Plucked thin eyebrows are out!
popular eyebrows for fall and winter 2008/2009

7. Girls at this show had a very bright makeup done. For God’s sake, don’t wear it to the office, I just thought it is a great Halloween idea )))
wild makeup ideas for halloween