NailTek Miracle nail treatmentI just hate the look of artificial nails. Fake nails remind me of the girls that work for the paid channels. The obvious similarity about them is that they look cheap! I am hearing some girls saying that they can’t grow their own nails. But I could not disagree with this more! There is a way to have perfect, healthy, strong, natural and long nails in a week and a half from now. This nail treatment seems to make some wonders with your nails no matter how week and soft they are. The effect of the Nail Tek Treatment on my nails I am classing to the “I do not believe my eyes” category.

From all the products available from NailTek, I would suggest starting with NailTek Transition Kit. Transition Kit contains 3 nail treatment products that are able to make your nails as strong as the fake ones. NailTek Kit is often used to make the transition from artificial to natural nails, as your natural nails are very weak, broken and dehydrated at that point. The Transition Kit includes Intensive Therapy II, Renew Oil, and Foundation.

What the ad says:
NailTek Transition Kit
Renew Oil

“Cuticle Oil with Tea Tree - Treat those cuticles, fingernails, and toenails with tender-loving respect. This natural, anti-fungal cuticle oil nourishes and condition to restore healthy cuticles and nails.”

Intensive Therapy II

“For Weak, Thin, Soft or Peeling Nails - Unique protein formula seals the layers of the nail together. Each application reinforces and thickens the nail while promoting strength and flexibility.”


“Ridge Filling Base Coat For Weak Nails. Combines ridge-filling capabilities and superior polish retention with the maximized strengthening properties. A special blend of maximized strengtheners, conditioners, micro-fibers and natural fillers smoothes uneven nail surfaces while helping to grow healthy, beautiful nails that are resistant to conventional therapies.”

What the girls say:

Perfect natual strong nails

“This is a little investment really worth making! Until I started using this product I was simply unable to grow strong-long nails. My nails were very weak and split.”

“Weak, splitting, dry peeling, you name it. Always had short ugly nails until my friend bought me this. Put it on once a day for 5 days, take it off and start again and you won’t believe your nails! This stuff is a miracle!”

“I have been using this product for years, and it’s the best thing ever for strengthening and protecting nails. You can wear it alone or as a base coat under nail polish. I highly recommend it.”

“I think it took a week or two of using NailTek and people started commenting on my nails. Most thought I had a French manicure because the whiles were so white and the nails so shiny. My nails got strong and stopped peeling.”

“It takes me 10 minutes before the show to make my manicure! I have neat, white, long and shiny nails and it’s only after applying 2 layers of NailTek. I think it dries in 5 minutes. This is the easiest way to make your nails look so good. And some people are sure they are fake. One model was trying to peel them off, saying I couldn’t have my natural nails that long and strong. He-he:) I was a bitch I didn’t tell her what I was using, but she wasn’t nice anyway!”

Girls, you can have great, beautiful, natural nails. Don’t go for artificial ones….Disaster nails