blush trend 2008Blushing this season is something you just have to do. It’s cute and sweet, it makes your look really healthy and it’s the hottest trend for this season. What is the girl to do when she can’t decide which of two colors she should get? That’s right, ladies! Get both of them! The golden rule for undecided, like me:) And with Avon’s Horizon Blush the rule has really proven to be golden!Avon Horizon Blush

It’s pressed powder gradation blush. Customize your look: sweep up or sweep down… It really works, you can make the color more or less intense. Quite a treat for less than $10.
I will make sure to review some great highlighters and blushes to keep you informed and ready for this spring.blush trends spring 2008
blush colors for 2008

Girls say:

“I am not in any way an Avon lady, but this is a great find! I am able to adapt the color of the blush to the lighting and this is very important. As you need more color when you use electrical lighting, and you need a tiny amount when it’s a daytime.”

“They go on very well. I’ve got the pink one and the color is just right!”

“I am sorry, I just don’t believe in this brand. Avon is not worth the money at all. I would be glad to be mistaken.”

“It is great value for money and a great opportunity to tune the color. I use just a little bit and believe me it looks fantastic! I am so loving it.”