pubic hair designWhy not? It could be a part of your lifestyle or just a playful mood at the moment, or maybe a wish to surprise your boyfriend. Whatever it is, I strongly believe that pubic hair design could be just another way to express yourself. Just watch out, so that your wild imagination didn’t scary off somebody who is less wild and creative (if you are planning to share it with anybody, anyway;))

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I have never tried getting a professional pubic hair design or dying my hair down there. I am quite grateful to my beautician for keeping me looking pre-pubescent all the way though. The alternative to professional design is being an artist for yourself. So if you are at the specific emotional state that combines your exaggerated level of creativity with sudden attacks of craziness you are to start with Naughty Nads Bikini Design Kit.

Naughty Nads Bikini Design KitIt’s a bikini area depilatory kit that comes with four templates to create shapely designs. Naughty Nads removes hair with wax at the comfort of your home. This is, of course, if your children don’t come running to your bathroom while you are being “artistic”.
With Naughty Nads you get “love heart”, “lightning bolt”, “landing strip”, and “Bermuda triangle” templates (yep, I wondered how exactly their “Bermuda Triangle” is different from the regular triangle too). Very disappointing they didn’t include smiling sun and a yellow dye…:)

The kit includes a 140g jar of Mango & Peach-scented bikini wax, orange sticks, soothing and finishing wipes, and an extensive instruction booklet.
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Lessons learnt:
1. Don’t heat the wax too hot or you are risking damaging the nerves at the area.
2. Don’t plan to do Brazilian wax using Nads bikini design kit. It is good only for flat parts or… let’s just say it is possible to loose some skin…
3. Make sure to generously apply the wax. And be aware that it dries extremely quickly and is awful to get off once it’s gone hard.
4. Use the enclosed Nad’s finishing wipes right away, helps soothe redness.

Other parts of the Bikini line hair removal story:

Razor…Crème…Epilator…Wax…Laser…and Design. Bikini Line!!!
…Depilatory Creams