removing pubic hairSorry, maybe this is not a romantic subject to discuss… though it really depends on the way you look at it… As some celebrities say, it can change your life.
…Umm, if you didn’t change your hair life down there yet, you are about to decide which way of unwanted pubic hair removal is right for you. And then you can have all the romance of the world… in your bedroom:)

bikini line hair removal for holidaysAs I am planning my trip to warm sea and sunny skies, I thought I would try as hard as I can to stop myself from taking more stuff than I actually can carry at once. I usually end up looking like a turtle, dragging all my “very important” stuff with me to the airport. This time I want a tiny case, nothing else. I am grasping for freedom even when it comes to being free of things and luggage. I am braiding my hair to leave all the conditioners, masks, flat iron, styling gels and brushes home (hey! Minus 7 lbs (3kg)!). I am not taking any dresses or high heels (another 7 lbs left home!). I am fixing my bikini line and going to be hairless down there for the whole period of my stay:) Ain’t it wonderful!? (Saves me another 2 lbs of gels, foams and razors and hours of my free time!)

As I am all for that smooth look I have tried a lot. Oops, WRONG! I have tried it all:)

So, let’s start this liberating experience:) …with a new post on hair removing methods every day. Every method has its cons and pros. (…e.g. pain and more pain)
1. …Shaving
2. …Depilatory Creams and Lotions!
3. …Epilators!
4. …Waxing
5. …Pubic Hair Design