shaving pubic hair with the razorI do believe every girl starts her bikini hair war with a razor. So, there is no point in detailed review of this old, but trusted method. Maybe you are the lucky one, but I could not fight the irritation and redness I got after a razor. When I was in the 8th grade one of my friends told me to use hair conditioner when I was shaving down there, she swore it helped with bumps and ingrown hairs, but I thought it was way too strange. Anyways, maybe she was right… Are there any volunteers?
Even though I used a razor for my legs, I would not recommend a razor on the sensitive bikini area.

Lessons learnt:
shaving down there1. Shaving your pubic hair in the same direction of your hair growth helps to stop an ingrown hair.
2. Soaking your pubic hair in warm water or just a hot shower softens the coarse pubic hair and makes it easier to remove.
3. Never shave your pubic hair without lubrication (shaving foam, gel or cream) as this results in extreme discomfort.

Now, imagine this discomfort! Freshman me, trying to look the best I can for this date with the guy, who looked just like Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys (yeah, yeah, I know, stop laughing! …Damn, now you know my biggest secret:))

Anyway, this boy who looked cute, as I thought back then, asked me for a date, and I wanted to look as sexy as I could, so I was doing my makeup for ages. When I was satisfied with my face, I thought I have to shave my legs really fast. As I had only 3 minutes left and wanted to wear the cute little blue skirt I just bought I couldn’t think of anything better than just dry shave with a razor. I did it really fast, and forgot all about it after I saw my dream date at my door.

We had a great time together (actually it was so easy to have a great time with a guy in the 9th grade, cause we didn’t have a number of other guys to compare back then…). We almost got back to my place when he stared at my legs and asked: “Have you been dry shaving?” I glanced down and wanted to die right away. I had red bumps everywhere! EVERYWHERE! Oh my God, I thought that was the most embarrassing moment of my life (it is only now, that I know how falling off the runway in the small Southern city because you are completely drunk could be way more embarrassing…):)

Lesson learnt! Never used a razor on the dry skin since then. (By the way, never drunk Vodka again either;)

Other parts of the story:

Razor…Crème…Epilator…Wax…Laser…and Design. Bikini Line!!!
…Depilatory Creams
…Pubic Hair Design