Summer Face and Body GarnierWhen I was younger I thought my skin looks great when I get a bronze tan after hanging out in the sunlight all day long. Now I know how harmful it is for the skin, especially the sensitive skin on the face. I don’t have enough fingers on my body to count all the tries I took to find a suitable alternative. I am quite scared of self-tanners, as turning up on the shoot looking stripped and orange has become my biggest nightmare. As you probably have guessed already I went for gradual tanning moisturizing lotions. And I probably have to go and buy myself an expert’s degree to sound more official here:) But seriously, I literally tried every single gradual self-tanner on the market.

Truth about Garnier Summer Body! “Summer body” sounds fantastic, right? That’s what I thought. And let me tell you, this product was far from being a disappointment for me. Garnier gradual tanGarnier Summer Body and Summer Face is reasonably priced and quite effective. It is available in two versions for lighter and darker skin. Now, I don’t know what they make a lighter version for, because it doesn’t even merely work. The lotion for a darker skin will be able to show up on your face and body though. But don’t expect getting deep brown tan of the Hawaiian girl who sells water sports equipment on the beach all year round. I think this is one thing that can’t be faked. And yep, it’s sad, I know! Cleansing makes the tan fade quite a lot so it doesn’t really last that long if you clean your face everyday (which is everyone, I hope).
The good thing about this product is that it will not turn your body in all those shades of fake orange, nor it will leave you with the striped ornament on your body.

By the way, talking about ornaments on your body… Treat it like a warning or something… One of my good model friends and me flew to GOA in India for a very cool photo shoot. best gradual tanner with moisturizerOcean, sand and sun… I love those “work trips” you know! Anyway, Marsha is pale like milk and all she did was saying how she will get to the hotel and pour the whole bottle of fake tan on her body. I am glad I had time to do this at home. When we got to this fancy hotel it was a late night already. So Marsha rushes to the bathroom to get her tan that she really needs for tomorrow’s photo shoot. In a few minutes she walks in back to the room, jumps in her silly pajamas and falls asleep immediately. Oh, I have to add that we had a fun flight, and left the plane when the bar was 100% empty:) In the morning I wake up because someone is screaming like crazy. I open my eyes and see my gorgeous friend in tears, nude and with what seems to be a perfect sun-kissed body-great dark tan. Then she turns around and I see the white/yellow/undecided color strips on the side of her legs. It looked hilarious and hideous at the same time. It turned out her pajamas had seams on the sides that left the “seams” on her legs… I am sure the photo editor had fun photoshopping poor girl’s legs on every single picture after the shoot:)

What the ad says:
Garnier summerbody and summerface lotion

“Garnier SummerBody gradually builds a natural-looking, sun-kissed tan and moisturizes skin. Enriched with carefully selected apricot extract, Garnier Summerface moisturises the skin leaving it soft and velvety from morning to night. It also contains a hint of self tan, allowing you to build a natural-looking sun-kissed glow on your face - no matter what time of year it is!”

What the girls say:

“It has a quite nice peachy smell and doesn’t smell nearly as much of old socks as some of other gradual tanners do! Also it didn’t streak on me at all.”

“I do like the shade it gives, much less orange than some others. It takes several hours to develop so do not expect an instant glow.”

“Garnier gradual tanner and moisturizer worked well both on my face and my body. It didn’t break me out, like Johnson and Johnson did in the past. I wish it stayed on longer though.”

“It’s great for the price. Other products that sell at higher price don’t work better than summer face and body does. I am on my second bottle.”

“I found that some fake tan products stained my white shirts when it’s hot outside and I get a little sweaty. I was glad that Summer Body didn’t. And it gives my skin a very nice color so that my skin looks naturally tanned, but not too tanned.”

“I have naturally very pale skin and no matter how long i stay in the sun i never tan, just burn then go white again. So I take this stuff with me evrywhere I go. I love to be able to show my legs:)”

tanned glowing skin gradual tannerSummer is almost here! I am ready to pick up this crazy summer spirit! Are you in?