best hair treatment for shiny hair For a change this post will not be about a beauty product! It is the secret I am ready to share only with my readers, the secret that will solve the problem of damaged hair and make it shine like crazy! This little procedure will leave your hair silky and healthy and will make people say “Wow”!
First of all we need to find all the ingredients for this hair mask that I swear will work magic!

1. Coconut oil
2. Olive oil
3. B12
4. Jojoba oil
5. Fresh lemon juice
6. Cognak
7. Honey
8. 1 egg

Before you wash your hair prepare the homemade mask and leave it on your hair at least for 1 hour, but the longer it stays on the better. We mix together the ingredients (the volume depends on the length of your hair) oil of coconut (if you don’t have it, just skip, but if you do it has a great power that will show immediately after you wash your hair), the oil of jojoba and olive (best moisturizers make your hair so shiny!), some lemon juice (another shine component), a big spoon of honey and a yellow of one egg (these 2 ingredients give the best nutrition for your hair strength), vitamin B12 (just get one in the pharmacy), some cognac should make the mask easy to apply (the mask should be watery now) Cognac improves the blood circulation at the root of your hair, makes it really strong, thus stops hair loss.

This hair treatment is a natural alternative to the expensive store-bought treatments that often use unnecessary, harmful chemicals to stabilize and scent the product. This homemade hair treatment will repair and restore dry, damaged hair without the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives, it will stop hair loss and make your hair shiny and very silky. After I wash my hair I can’t stop touching it=)

Another nice tip for shiny hair is when you are in the shower, right before you rinse conditioner out of your hair, switch the water to cold to rinse it out. The cold water closes the cuticle and seals in the moisture, thus creating shine!

This homemade hair treatment has a great positive effect on your hair. I was doing the mask once-twice a week and after a month of using it my hair is just unbelievable and I mean UNBELIEAVABLE!