DiorShow mascara has always been an object of admiration for my model-friends. I used it myself for ages. When the new Blackout came out I was eager to try it… to find out it is very different from what regular DiorShow is. DiorShow Blackout is not just a darker colored, it has different brush and different qualities to it. It elongates more than DiorShow but it doesn’t have the same plumping effect it’s supposed to, and it clumps a lot more.

If you love long, curly eyelashes with lots of volume you are probably fan of either DiorShow or Lancome Hypnose mascara and you are most likely will not applause to the new Blackout version. Here what my girls think of it.

Shortly, I will have another report for you, girls. My new “miracle-discovery” that I am rating even higher than my favorite DiorShow mascara.

Check out the new Christian Dior Diorshow Black Out , and the regular Diorshow Mascara. Make sure to check for special discounts and sales.

What the ad promises:

  • A new invention in an elegant, modern packaging
  • Exceptionally thickens lashes in a soft cream mascara
  • Contains Black Fix Complex, a unique blend of black pigments
  • Wraps lashes in highly visible, intense black kohl
  • Derivative Arabic gum is added to give infinitely resistance
  • Leaves a perfect charcoal-like finish for lashes

Girls say:

“I bought it last week. I HATE it. it sticks my eyelashes together, making it look like I have about 10. It does lengthen them, but adds no volume at all, I didn’t know this was made to give you the ‘doe-eyed’ look, but it was. I ended up switching my regular diorshow brush with the blackout brush and it goes on better. I wouldn’t recommend it, regular diorshow works much better if you like volumizing.”

“I love it! Long black ass lashes! No clumps!”

“I like it because its really dark, which gives you that dramatic look without having to apply many coats… but one bad point is that it sticks my lashes together and there was some mild ‘clumping’. I ended up getting the diorshow waterproof.”

“I just last week bought some Diorshow for the first time ever, after being an avid Lancome Hypnose fan for aaaaages. I love both. I find the Diorshow is better at giving really spidery, long lashes with not much added thickness, but Hypnose especially THICKENS your eyelashes. I also find it’s a lot easier to apply, being slightly thicker (I am a big fan of the little wand considering my shaky mascara application)- Diorshow takes me a lot of time and effort to get the desired effect, but eventually, it looks brilliant.HOWEVER!!! Diorshow holds up a LOT better during the day. I always found Hypnose got a bit dry and gunked up my lashes, flaking a bit. It was also hard to wash and stained under my eyes when I cleansed, which was kind of irritating. Still, it looked lovely at the beginning of the day! I think I’m too sentimentally attached to Lancome mascara…”

“I think Diorshow is great for lengthening - it seems to have fibres in it that extend your lashes, I don’t find it clumpy at all!”

“I ended up getting Lancome Hypnose. The girl was so nice and she put it on well but I said I wanted to try on Diorshow to compare. When I went to the Dior counter the lady was a bit on the rude side and didn’t really want to help me. I removed the Hypnose from one of my eyes to compare and I found them to be pretty similar, but I was using one of those plastic brushes instead of the proper brush when I was applying Diorshow.In the end I went with Hypnose because I found it be dramatic without the drag queen side effect!”

“I really like the original diorshow, it is lovely! I recommend it if you like lots of volume and thickness.I bought diorshow blackout and absolutely HATED it, has to be one of the worse mascaras I have ever purchased and I am a huge dior fan! It made my lashes stiff like and clumped on me, and when I tried taking it off with my simple facial wipes, it did not work! It was a nightmare taking it off and I had black bits all in my eyes! However, I DO love diorshow unlimited, makes my lashes nice and separated and long!”

“The brush is big and fluffy but that is what makes it a joy to put on… it goes on evenly and doesn’t clump (if you do it correctly). I cannot get over the dramatic effect it has on my look. I don’t put mascara on my lower lashes, just my top so I can’t say if it would smudge or not. All I can say is try it!!!!! I LOVE IT.”

“I bought the DiorShow Black Out thinking it was the same thing as DiorShow but just a darker black. It’s not. The brush is different, a lot thinner. The effect it has on your lashes is completely different. It’s enriched with black powder so it kind of flakes off and ends up under your eyes and in the creases giving you Raccoon Eyes by the end of the day (unlike Dior Show that you could wear for 24 hours straight and it won’t budge).”

“I thought I was purchasing the regular Diorshow mascara when I bought this. I thought “Blackout” referred to the color of the mascara. I was unhappily surprised when within an hour of applying it I had smudgy racoon eyes. I now know that I didn’t purchase the Diorshow that everyone raves about. I’ll return the Blackout and get the tried and true version of Diorshow.”