how to get a supermodels hairHave you ever wished your hair looked like supermodels hair from Victoria Secret show? I think I can tell you what they are using backstage:) Smooth, silky, shiny hair, no frizz, no damage after heat styling… This is Prêt-a-Porter for your hair! Not many products on the market that claim to do the same thing actually keep their promises, this one does.

my hairMy hair has a tough life. Every time I wash my hair I need to style it before I leave the house, otherwise it will look like I just got up from bed and didn’t know what a hair brush was. Every single show and every single shooting, they do something with my hair, either straitening, or curling, but heating, heating, HEATING! Up to 200 degrees every day! No, girls, it didn’t fall out yet:) Actually, it is on the picture on the left! TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Smooth and Shine is one of my hair’s must haves. It smoothes out my hair, adds shine (lots of it), protects my hair and smells wonderful!

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The ad says:

TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Smooth and Shine

“Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Smooth & Shine is a second-day restyler that helps to maintain your hair color, adds shine, and smoothes the frizz. Thermal and UV protectors prevent styling damage from blow dryers or flattening irons. It will also protect your hair against sun exposure. It is suitable for all hair types, lengths or textures. The Tropical Berry fragrance is light and fruity to rejuvenate and add delectable scent that lasts to make your finish truly smashin-ista! ”

The girls say:

thermal hair protection, shine, soft, not frizzy, strong hair

“This purple gunk has saved my hair! I use strengtheners daily and as a result have a lot of split ends and my hairs in pretty bad condition but this has really helped get it back into shape!”

“This is product is the best, it protects your hair from blow dryers and flat irons, great for use on all hair types (isn’t heavy, sticky, or greasy), it contains UV filters which protects your color, and smells oh so pretty! It is delicately fragranced smell of tropical berry. ”

“It locks in shine with a firm, flexible hold that resists frizz., and prevents color fade, and damage from blow drying / heat irons or even sun exposure. I have wavy hair, and with this styling aid, you wouldn’t believe the results… This is a product I could not live without. I have tried numerous other products in the heat safe styler range, and this one gets full marks every time!”

“It’s light and not greasy. I love it. I use it for a long time and in the long run the results I achieved with TIGI Catwalk are amazing.”

“Makes my hair so soft and shiny, it’s like I have baby hair, but longer and with volume.”

“Works ammmmmmazzzzing!”

better take care of your hair :)
Let’s take care of our hair : )))))))