waxing bikini lineHere we go, girls! After I have tried depilatory creams, epilators and while I was still getting cuts from a razor I felt I needed to accumulate all my confidence and courage for trying out waxing. I really wanted to secure my place in hairfree heaven! All the comments I got on this idea were pretty much the same: “get prepared for THE PAIN!” Very encouraging, huh?!

We were about to go to this great photo shoot that took place in an exotic resort in the Indian Ocean. The trip would last for almost a week and we were scheduled for a swimsuit shoots in different locations everyday. I knew that if I will be shaving every single day my bikini area would look like a disaster because of the irritation and bumps that I don’t really want to get photographed. So, it looked like I didn’t really have a choice.

brazilian waxDid you notice that most people start worrying about their bikini line look when they are going on vacation? Remember Carry’s trip to LA with her girls (“Sex and the City”) where they went for a Brazilian wax? “This super sexy felling is definitely worth the pain”—I have made it my motto, and was very close to putting this note on my mirror… So I went for it…

I entered the waxing salon with the most stupid smile ever. Probably it told people a million things, because the beautician’s first question was if it is my first time. Man, I felt like a virgin who is about to loose it forever and this young woman in the white coat will stay in my heart forever and ever!

When I was still a virgin some of my friends would talk how painful is the first time. So the feeling I got at the waxing salon was really very much the same as when I was taking off my pants in front of that senior guy that I had a crash on. It was a mix of embarrassment and the feel of the unavoidable pain… Back then I have found out that the pain is not all that bad and unavoidable. Same with waxing! The pain was quite bearable. It is really not something that will make you scream. But, just like with sex, you better leave your complexes and concerns home.
Believe me, you will learn some new poses too! It is hard to get to the hair on that sensitive area, so get prepared for some bare ass yoga:) After I had a look at my “Brazilian” I knew I will be a regular here. I was one happy girl!

The Brazilian usually includes the waxing of the sensitive bits as well as between the buttocks. It takes about 45 minutes for a Brazilian wax and all that is left is a neat triangle of hair or a small landing line. The wax leaves skin in a great condition, smooth and silky. Hollywood takes it one step further! This is an everything off wax, leaving you totally bare down there. The great part is that your next visit will be only in a month and with every visit you will feel less and less pain if any at all. The hair becomes soft and easy to epilate.hollywood wax for bikini line

And believe me sex after a Brazilian wax will be a totally new experience with sensations you have not felt before;)

Lessons learnt:

1. Do be prepared to take your pants off
2. Exfoliate the area as it stops ingrown hairs
3. Don’t tense up, it is easier to handle the painful feeling when relaxed.
4. The best time to wax is after your cycle. You will feel less pain.
5. People who suffer epilepsy, skin disease, or diabetes should not get waxed.
6. It is believed that you can’t get waxed while you are on your period. Lies. Use your tampon and tell the beautician you have a cycle. It might hurt a little bit more, but I don’t even notice that.
7. Tanning is not recommended the first two days after wax.

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