NailTek. Miracle Nail Treatment

10 Mar 2008 In: Nails

NailTek Miracle nail treatmentI just hate the look of artificial nails. Fake nails remind me of the girls that work for the paid channels. The obvious similarity about them is that they look cheap! I am hearing some girls saying that they can’t grow their own nails. But I could not disagree with this more! There is a way to have perfect, healthy, strong, natural and long nails in a week and a half from now. This nail treatment seems to make some wonders with your nails no matter how week and soft they are. The effect of the Nail Tek Treatment on my nails I am classing to the “I do not believe my eyes” category. Read the rest of this entry »

Estee Lauder High Gloss for lips worth smilingWhat do you girls do after a painful breakup?
No, the bastard is NOT worth my tears! We’ve been taught that if someone you love hurts you, you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it. But I would like to get to that “get over” stage at once. After working my ass out at the shooting the other day I found that the best therapy would be to buy that perfect lip gloss the makeup artist was using. Actually my lips were the only part of my face that looked right at that shooting. After spending the whole night drinking I wouldn’t expect any concealer to help. (yeah, yeah, you don’t die of a broken heart, you only wish you did.) Read the rest of this entry »

plump lipsI happen to know one young model. If there were a competition for ladies with permanent lack of luck, this girl would be going there for the first prize. Although some “lack of intelligence competition” would suit her even better. Do you imagine a person, who really believes in cutting the ends of her eyelashes, so they will grow up longer!? Ok, so you got an idea:)

I saw her at the casting the other day and thought I’d write down this brilliant thought of mine: “Some people should never use a lip plumper!” This girl looked like she was beaten up. Her lips were huge, red, irritated and looked really sore. But she looked quite happy. I came up to ask her what she was using, so I can post some Danger-Caution-post to my blog. She smiled with her lips shining bloody red and replied: “Venom Gloss! It really works!” (Oh, yeah. thank you. I can see that). Read the rest of this entry »

anti cellulite treatementIs it just me, or every girl on this planet starts thinking about new swimming suits in the end of February? Anyway, my mind is programmed — when I think “new bikinis”, I run to the mirror and stare at my butt for a couple of minutes. I am standing there with highest possible degree of concentration on my face. What I’m thinking is: “Huh, so it didn’t go away! Ok! Now, did it get better or worse? Damn, that’s probably cause I was using the chocolate therapy the other day. But I had a reason. That was a good reason. What was he even thinking when he said that bull…” Oops, I’m tending to get away from the subject:) Read the rest of this entry »

Clinique Skin Disaster

22 Feb 2008 In: News, Skin

Clinique 3 step skin careBefore the show I see my friend Kira walking in to the backstage, where we get our makeup and hair done. I look at her face and I can’t believe my eyes. Ok, now I can go back, and change the title to: “Kira’s skin disaster”. You see, normally, I am a very polite person, but I failed to stop myself the moment I saw her. It was “Oh my God” situation with that eyebrows-raised-face full of sympathy. Poor girl had red and uneven face with huge breakouts, some yellow spots, and eyes with tears ready to come out. Although tears were not primary caused by Clinique’s 3 steps skincare everything else was. And this is an hour before the show… Read the rest of this entry »

Spring 2008 greatest hair trendsSpring is almost here and it is just about the right time to have a glance at what our hair will look like in 2008. Most of my model friends have already had their hair experimented with for the different shows this season (nope, I am keeping my long waves). I will not continue on this painful topic of hair experiments for the shows, as it will be just way too painful for my readers and for my girls. Just believe me on this one, there are designers that don’t care how your hair will look like after the show is done and if it will suit you at all. Nope, their job is to make a trend.

As we are getting closer to the topic, I am warning you, I will NOT discuss here those “trendy” haircuts that make girls look like homeless creatures who have fun sticking their fingers in the socket. Even though some fashion magazines think those could be “the hottest hair hits”. Read the rest of this entry »

blush trend 2008Blushing this season is something you just have to do. It’s cute and sweet, it makes your look really healthy and it’s the hottest trend for this season. What is the girl to do when she can’t decide which of two colors she should get? That’s right, ladies! Get both of them! The golden rule for undecided, like me:) And with Avon’s Horizon Blush the rule has really proven to be golden! Read the rest of this entry »

New Mac Fafi Collection Chick-A-Boom

16 Feb 2008 In: Eyes, Lips, Nails, Skin

Mac Fafi New CollectionMAC Fafi Collection is the graphic expression of French graffiti artist Fafi. The new Chick-A-Boom Collection includes lipstick, lipglass, eye shadow, eye pencil, mascara, powder blush, iridescent powder/pressed, and nail lacquer.

The MAC Fafi Collection is now on counter in MAC stores and at MAC counters. It’s not too crazy and is really wearable. You will find bright shades dominated by tangerine, pink, and violet. Although the colors are actually more subtle than you’d expect. Read the rest of this entry »

Dior Spring 2008 Flower Blossom palette

11 Feb 2008 In: Eyes, News, Skin

Dior Spring 2008 Flower Blossom paletteSometimes I get really annoyed with all the brands’ limited editions, because I tend to buy makeup that I don’t really need. But! Looking at this little peace of art I just can’t resist it. The only word that comes to my mind is “lovely”! The Dior Spring 2008 palette is not only the eye shadow, it is also a good highlighter and a blush. Or, you can just walk around showing it off:)

The delicate Flower, Butterfly, Gemstone, and Ladybird- shaped pressed powder designs, embossed on a pastel background, are inspired by Victoire de Castellane’s famous Dior jewelry collection. Read the rest of this entry »

Mac Studio Fix Foundation

10 Feb 2008 In: News, Skin

Mac Studio FixStudio Fix is a foundation that has been dried and compacted into a circular plastic black case (compact includes a mirror and sponge). Unlike pressed powder, it does not simply absorb oil but gives much more coverage and hides pores.

I have discovered this product in my usual way - the makeup artist used it on me for the major fashion show and the result was very flattering. By that time I was out of my usual foundation - Estee Lauder Ideal Matte, which I was very happy with. But hey, don’t you get that feeling when you use the product long enough, the feeling that it doesn’t make you look as gorgeous, as it used to? Well, it would be good to know that I am not alone:)

But, let me get back to the topic. Read the rest of this entry »

Guerlain concealerI want to continue my beauty study with another eye makeup product:) The one that I always take with me anywhere I go, the one that can erase the signs of staying up all night, the one that works miracles with my eyes and face and the one I didn’t know about (miserable me) before I have started to do the shows. Now, if I were asked the definition of the word “panicking” I would say that this is the feeling I usually get when I forget my Guerlain Issima concealer at home. No jokes!

I use the #20 and it illuminates and moisturizes my eyes perfectly, no matter how tired I am. If you are like me, and the skin under your eyes is tender and can tell people the exact number of hours you slept by the shade of the dark on those circles, you will love the great masking effect and the light texture Guerlain concealer has!

By far the best concealer I have ever used. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring 2008 Hottest Makeup Trends

9 Feb 2008 In: News, Trends!

spring lookOkay, maybe I am not the first to sneak out of the fashion shows and tell you everything about the new looks and trends in makeup for this spring. But:) I got to see what trends look great on me and on my girls. Here are the popular looks that are not too much for the “out of runway” life.

Peach cheeks

Pale light skin is no more a disadvantage in any way. So I’m putting away self-tanning gel and bronzers. This spring peach-warm blush on your cheeks will look the best. It seems to give your skin healthy perfect look. Plus, it brightens up your eyes no matter what color are they. Mine are gray-blue and they get the electric blue effect when I apply light orange blush on my cheeks. Read the rest of this entry »

YSL MascaraJust like I promised, I bring to your attention the mascara that became my personal number 1 choice. I was using the regular DiorShow for a very long time, until once at the shooting of a movie episode the makeup artist used the mascara that made me go “wow!!!” when I glanced in the mirror. This is when our love story began. I’ve tracked the make-up lady down to find out what she had used. Well, you guessed it. It was Yves Saint Laurent Mascara for a False Lash Effect (Faux Cils). I’m hooked ever since.
The YSL mascara makes your eyelashes look perfect - long, curly, black eyelashes with lots of volume. It smells nothing like what mascaras normally do, but it has a vague scent to it that you will be able to feel when you wear it. I love that smell.

Faux Cils mascara comes in a copper and gold tube that looks luxurious and feels substantial.
Its brush is straight with a tapered end to catch the corner eyelashes. Its bristles are quite densely packed which helps to minimize clumping yet coat each lash. Read the rest of this entry »

The new DiorShow Blackout

5 Feb 2008 In: Eyes


DiorShow mascara has always been an object of admiration for my model-friends. I used it myself for ages. When the new Blackout came out I was eager to try it… to find out it is very different from what regular DiorShow is. DiorShow Blackout is not just a darker colored, it has different brush and different qualities to it. It elongates more than DiorShow but it doesn’t have the same plumping effect it’s supposed to, and it clumps a lot more.

If you love long, curly eyelashes with lots of volume you are probably fan of either DiorShow or Lancome Hypnose mascara and you are most likely will not applause to the new Blackout version. Here what my girls think of it.

Read the rest of this entry »

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